Russian Criminal Law in the Field of Money Laundering

The problem under investigation is attributable to the inadequacy of criminal law steps taken to tackle crimes linked to the laundering of crime proceeds, mostly funded by terrorism. In this regard, the aim of this article is to increase the criminal responsibility of individuals who have committed this form of crime, as well as to establish effective prevention measures in this criminal setting. The aim of the study is to define the dependency of the number of crimes on the legalisation of the proceeds of crime and total crime in Russia, to analyse the data and to determine the latency of such crimes. The key approach to the study of this problem is the use of logical analysis and synthesis methods, comparative legal, idealisation methods that allow you to compare international and Russian law standards in the field of money laundering, to analyse statistical data on crime in this field and to identify criminal prosecution issues. Analysis of statistical knowledge The insignificance of the introduction of criminal cases pursuant to Articles 174 and 174.1 of the Russian Federation Criminal Code (hereinafter Russia’s CC) was seen. A research on the legalisation of the proceeds of crime in particular criminal cases showed a systematic approach and the absurdity of the sentences. The Russian enforcement of criminal responsibility does not completely comply with the Financial Action Task Force’s (FATF) international recommendations. The findings can be used both for further scientific development and for the development of a government policy on criminal responsibility for money laundering crimes. The materials in this article may be of interest to both the research community studying the issues of criminal accountability for the legalisation of crime proceeds and to professionals studying the practise of law enforcement in this field.

Author(s) Details

Salikh Kh. Shamsunov
National Research Institute of the Penal System, Moscow, Russian Federation.

Irina W. Razumova
National Research Institute of the Penal System, Moscow, Russian Federation.

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