Romanticism in Shelley’s and Keats’s Verse and Prose: A Comparative Study

This paper argues that it is almost impossible to understand Shelley and Keats’ works without placing them in the context of their time and of Romanticism. On the overall, the poets’ selected prose and verse, such as Keats’ Letters and Ode to a Nightingale, Shelley’s Defense of Poetry, and Skylark, show their postulations in an era marked by significant political and industrial changes that ushered in new literary and social trends. The birds in the poems, from the two poets’ respective perspectives, represent ideals reflecting their time’s treatment of imagination, nature, and ideology, as well as their own personal experience, knowledge of the world, and prosody. The poets’ works are put to the test in Keats’ Letters and Shelley’s Defense of Poetry. As a result, treating this subject as such allows for both old and new interpretations of the poets’ verse and prose. If we follow the study’s recommendations, this work applies to both their age and ours.

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Walid A. Zaiter
Department of Languages and Translation, Taibah University, Saudi Arabia.

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