Role of Temporal Transspective in Personality Formation of Adolescents without Parental Support: A Comparative Study

The ability to connect the past, present, and future in a single image is known as temporal transspective. This article presents the results of a comparative analysis of temporal perspective of adolescents whose personality development happens under varied living settings. 50 adolescents reared in a home without parental support (experimental group) and 60 adolescents raised in a home with parental support The study included a family (control group). The study discovered that teenagers without parental assistance show personality traits such as lack of confidence, ambivalence, anxiety, pessimism, and motivation constrained by the immediate future, as well as gaps between major events in the past, present, and future.

Author (s) Details

Dmitry V. Soldatov
State University of Humanities and Technology, Zelenaya Street 22, Orechovo-Zuevo City, Moscow Region, 142611, Russia.

Olga N. Zhiltsova
“Orehkovo-Zuevo Municipal Social Rehabilitation Center for Non-adults”, Gagarin Street 45, Orechovo-Zuevo City, Moscow Region, 142600, Russia.

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