Retail Banks’ Challenges and Opportunities from Vision and Strategy to Managing People, Processes and Capital


In general, bankers have seen a wide range of external variables as key external drivers for altering their visions, strategies, and business models, including deregulation and reregulation, competition, financial innovation, and technology. The chapter’s objective is to describe the development of the retail bank from the past to the current situation, in which FinTech firms and new competitors are revolutionising the market and encouraging banks to respond consistently. The chapter begins with a brief summary of the current issues before focusing on how banks are undergoing their market transformation to reclaim their customers’ everyday lives as central.

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Anna Omarini,
Department of Finance, Bocconi University and SDA Professor at the SDA Bocconi School of Management, Milan, Italy.

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Keywords: Unbundling, re-bundle, fintech, open banking, innovation, business ecosystem, platform, contextual banking, embedded finance

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