Research on Stability of Nonlinear TE Surface Waves along the Boundary of Left-Handed Material

This communication presents a simulation of the stability characteristics of nonlinear surface waves
propagating along a left-handed substrate (LHM) and a non-linear dielectric cover. The growth rate of
perturbation is computed by solving the dispersion equation of perturbation. We found that the stability of
nonlinear surface waves is affected by the frequency dependence of the electric permittivity e h and magnetic
permeability mh of the LHM. The spatial evolution of the steady state field amplitude is determined by using
computer simulation method. The calculations show that with increasing the
effective refractive index nx at fixed saturation parameter m p , the field distribution is sharpened and
concentrated in the nonlinear medium. The waves are stable of forward and backward behavior. At
higher values of nx , attenuated backward waves are observed.

Author(s) Details

Hana Mohammed Mousa
Physics Department, Al Azhar University, Gaza, Gaza Strip, Palestinian Authority.

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