Research on Microbiological and Biochemical Analysis of Soymilk Produced and Sold within Calabar Metropolis

This study was aimed at evaluating the microbiological and biochemical content of soymilk produced
and sold locally within Calabar metropolis. Samples of soymilk were obtained from five areas in
Calabar metropolis namely: Bogobiri, Watt market, Akim barracks, Army barracks and Marian market.
Standard microbiological techniques including the pour plate method and relevant biochemical tests
were used to isolate, characterize and identify the found microrganisms. The probable bacterial
isolates were identified as: Pseudomonas, Bacillus and Klebsiella species while the fungi species
were that of Yeast and Aspergillus. There was significant differences in bacterial and fungal count
across the locations sampled (P<0.05). The mean bacterial counts were highest in samples from
Army barracks 6.90±0.01×108 cfu/ml and lowest in Marian market 4.80±0.04×108 cfu/ml while the
mean fungal count was highest in Army barracks 6.50±0.17×108 cfu/ml and lowest in Akim barracks
3.50±0.22×108 cfu/ml. Proximate composition analysis of the foods sampled revealed high
carbohydrate content (41.32±0.04% – 53.70±0.04%), lipid content (1.50±0.03% – 5.00±0.04%) and
fibre content (1.00±0.08% – 1.60±0.04%) while the range for other proximate composition indices such
as ash (1.60±0.01% – 3.10±0.02%), moisture (31.80±0.04% – 36.50±0.15%), and protein content
(10.68±0.30% – 19.08±0.30%) were relatively low. Elemental analysis of the soymilk samples showed
relatively good amounts of calcium, zinc, iron and sodium which were within the permissible limits set
by WHO guidelines for food standard. Lead, Mercury and Cadmium were not detected indicating that
the source of water was portable and the soil or cultivation was devoid of harmful/toxic metals.
Samples from Marian market however had the highest nutritional and mineral composition.

Author (s) Details

Nkoyo Edet Asuquo
Department of Microbiology, University of Calabar, P.M.B. 1115, Cross River State, Nigeria.

Slyvester Peter Antai
Department of Microbiology, University of Calabar, P.M.B. 1115, Cross River State, Nigeria.

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