Research on Aloe vera Mucilage as Solubility Enhancer in Tablet Formulation

The present study evaluates the synthesis of water-insoluble compounds into tablets with a sustained release matrix and the effect of aloe vera gel powder on the dissolution and other physical properties of tablets with the SR matrix. As a polymer, HPMC and ethyl cellulose were used and various  The concentration of aloe vera gel powder used as the enhancer of dissolution. By direct compression process, sustained release matrix tablets were formulated and subjected to various quality control studies as per  The official Guidelines for Pharmacopoeia. The tablet formulation that has been produced complies with the monograph. The findings suggest that the dissolution of curcumin is stimulated by aloe vera. Kinetics of dissolution indicate that all the formulation followed the model of Korsemayer Peppas by anomalous diffusion  Mechanism. To conclude, the dissolution enhancer of aloe vera gel powder can be used to increase the drug absorption of water-insoluble products.

Author (s) Details

Dr. Habibur Rahman
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, UCSI University, Malaysia and PSG College of Pharmacy, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India.

Dr. Telny Thomas Chungath
Chemists College of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research, Ernakulum, Kerala, India.

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