Reports of the Assessment of a Leadership Enhancement Program for Nursing Managers of an Acute General Hospital in Hong Kong

With the aim to enhance the senior nursing managers to be caring leaders so that they can nurture
their team members to be holistic care providers, a one year program has been developed with
emphasis on self-reflection and self-cultivation. It aims to evaluate the effectiveness of a one-year
leadership enhancement program in an acute general hospital. Both quantitative and qualitative
approaches were adopted. A pre and post questionnaire survey and the content analysis of selfreflective essays were conducted. The overall means of the servant leadership scale and the
workplace wellness scale were significantly higher after the program. Both scales were also found to
have a significantly medium level of positive correlation. Reflective essays showed positive
feedbacks complementing the quantitative data that the program was well received and effective. A
leadership enhancement program based on a servant leadership model with emphasis on selfreflection and self-cultivation was found to be effective in promoting nurse leaders well-being in one acute general hospital. This program is worth to be considered as an in-service leadership training program in other acute hospitals. However, further research should be conducted at the same time to assess its effectiveness to build up more evidence.

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Dr. Andrew Luk Leung
Nethersole Institute of Continuing Holistic Health Education (NICHE), Alice Ho Miu Ling Nethersole Charity Foundation, Hong Kong.

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