Reporting the Need to Make People Believe Science- Science is Reliable and Means Truth

The engine that drives the wheel of creation is physics. There is a need, therefore, for individuals to have faith in science and to believe its facts and truths. This paper explored some of the concepts of what science really is, and outlined some of the conclusions that science has concluded-the explanations given in science. Rainfall and rainbows, earthquakes, lightning and thunder are the main occurrences that have been discussed in this article. Diseases, adaptation, natural selection, mutation, survival for the fittest and evolution are other variables that were discussed. Also listed were faith and religion, as well as beliefs. The obstacles faced by the belief in science have been identified; how to solve them, and where the biggest barrier in the direction of science has been recognised as religion. In general, this paper provides readers with the overall view of science with the main purpose of enlightening people as to why they should genuinely believe in it. Identifying the main obstacle that hinders the promotion of male science ideas and offers ways to address them.

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Wangui Patrick Mwangi
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Eldoret, Eldoret, Kenya.

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