Report on the Nurturing Autonomy: Recovery from Impaired Ego Function Caused by Early Life Traumatization

In spite of the growing number of these people attending psychiatric clinics in Japan, few studies have tested patients with pathological personality characteristics in terms of their competence to practise autonomy. The goal of this study was to evaluate the competencies of such patients using medical record data that concentrated not only on the therapeutic relationship, but also on the social relationships of the patients during their life history. Two patients were assessed: one with borderline personality disorder and the other with the definition of personality prototype suggested by Helene Deutsch in 1942, “as if personality”. From psychosocial perspectives, their clinical materials were studied. I’ve been trying to Identify the points of their lives from which any shortcomings in competency have occurred. I often address their expertise in decision-making and practising autonomy using psychoanalytic theory, in particular the contributions of Winnicott. Finally, to help them live more comfortably in modern Japanese society, I suggest the role of contemporary psychiatry in fostering the autonomy of patients.

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Masayo Uji
Department of Nursing, Yasuda Women’s University, 6-13-1 Yasuhigashi, Asaminamiku, Hiroshima, 731-0153, Japan.

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