Relationship between Profitability and Sustainability in a Sequential Production Context: The Case of Migratory Beekeeper


Plants flower in a predictable pattern throughout the year, and beekeepers can transfer their colonies from one foraging site to another to meet the demand for pollination services and/or honey production. During the period when the crop or wild vegetation covering the foraging location is in flower, a portion of the colony’s productive time is spent there. The overall duration of the sequence of sites, including the base site, must be equal to or less than the yearly biological cycle of the honeybee colony.The migratory beekeeper creates potential forage site sequences and analyses their profitability. Variations in the profitability of foraging sites change the composition of the sequence, influencing the provision of non-marketed ecosystem pollination services, which has a knock-on effect on biodiversity of pollinated plants and sustainability. There is a sequential relationship between profitability and sustainability in the case of migrant beekeepers.

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Luciano Pilati
Department of Economics and Management, University of Trento, Via Inama 5, 38100 Trento, Italy.

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