Relations between Healer’s Trauma and Healing Power. A Brief Curriculum Vitae


The author emphasises how his early traumas have developed into an unconscious moving agent and a healthy coping mechanism throughout his professional career. When channelling its energy into therapeutic methods, he subconsciously sorted out not only the patients’ but also his own traumas and weaknesses. It is an intriguing parallel process because as he ages and gains expertise, he becomes more and more mindful of researching the patients’ earlier traumas—finally the prenatal period—and thinking about how to begin working with treatments at those symbolic times and places. In the meantime, he will be consciously freed of his own traumas and shortcomings. By doing two jobs, he will be able to build up his healing power.

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Jozsef P. Vas,
Hungarian Society of Psychiatry, Hungary.

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Keywords: Early trauma, the healer’s trauma, healing power, types of therapies: “here and now”, “there and in the past”, tandem therapy.

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