Recommended Timeframe for Restoring Drinking Water Supply in Malawi


Safe water is in short supply in various regions of the world. Some water service outages in Malawi are so extensive that customers are forced to get water from other sources. However, the majority of alternate sources deliver contaminated water, putting people at danger of getting waterborne infections. As a result, there are high rates of waterborne diseases. While this is true, the length of time that safe water supply outages drive Malawians to seek water from other sources is unknown. As a result, the goal of this study was to determine this timeframe. People in Malawi are obliged to acquire water from other sources when safe water supply interruptions occur for 1.4 days or longer, according to the report. As a result, we urge Malawi’s water utilities to ensure that water supply interruptions do not linger as long as they have in the past. This chapter discusses strategies for ensuring that safe water supply interruptions do not last too long.

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Asumani Ungwe
Malawi Northern Region Water Board, Malawi.

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