Recent Study on the Quantum Unconscious and the Observant Consciousness

I tried to show how these developments are incompatible with a positivist view of reality, which is still dominant in the scientific community, based on the theory of Henri Bergson and the contemporary developments of Quantum Physics. In the field of psychoanalysis, in particular, I have seen how this outdated epistemology was responsible for the manic rejection of the theories of Carl Gustav Jung and Wilfred Bion (later on) as part of the immobilising allegiance imposed by its creator to a schizo-paranoid functional tradition. Finally, I have suggested that psychoanalysis should proceed to a suicidal role, assisted by the formulations of these renegade analysts, ultimately transmitting this integrated viewpoint of fact to the rest of the scientific community and postmodern culture in general. Psychoanalysis, however, must first endure the self-therapeutic process of resolving its Freudian history of conformity to positivist science to complete this project; it will only then be able to assert itself as the paradigmatic discipline of a modern super-science.

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Rui Freire Lucas
Private Psychiatric and Psychotherapeutic Practice in Geneva, Switzerland

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