Recent Study on Sustainable Program Management: Hierarchical Causal Systems


The enhancement of programme management procedures is the aim of this study work. The method can help to cut down on nuances, repetition, and redundancies. In this regard, seven elements have been discussed in order to help the achievement of long-term management of a development programme. Therefore, the conceptual framework of the “CARROT-BUS” model was considered for carrying out this study. While BUS is seen as a bottom-up approach, CARROT, which stands for Capacity, Accountability, Resources, Results, Ownership, and Transparency, stresses environmental enabling. The framework of Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs may therefore be viewed as conceptually similar to this holistic and causal paradigm.

Finally, when conducting this research, secondary sources were carefully taken into account. According to the research, sustainability is one of the key characteristics that institutions all over the world uphold in order to achieve anticipated and convincing results.

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Bongs Lainjo,
Cybermatic International, 105-5700 Cavendish Blvd, Montréal, QC H4W 1S8, Canada.

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Keywords: Pyramid, causality, systems, sustainable, hierarchical, program and management.

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