Recent Perspective: Providing Deep Learning through Active Engagement of Adult Learners in Blended Courses

Malcolm Knowles [1] indicates that adult learners are most likely to be actively engaged in learning when they are given some choice and control over the learning process. When the curriculum relates to the adult learner’s interests, is individualized, and authentic; the adult learner becomes actively engaged in the process by making a ‘psychological investment’ in learning. Teaching a blended course presents certain challenges for the instructor when creating lessons to actively engage adult learners. This paper discusses how active engagement is defined and determined, barriers that impact adult learners attempting to actively engage in learning, and various strategies to actively engage adult learners that directly align to the characteristics of the adult learning process, in a blended course.

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Dr. Darlene Mc Donough,
School of Education, St. Bonaventure University St. Bonaventure, New York.

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