Recent Development Strategies of the Fur Farming Industry in Greece


The purpose of this study was to evaluate the circumstances that exist in the breeding and operation of fur-bearing breeding units in Greece that are bred exclusively in the Region of Western Macedonia, as well as to analyse the sector’s growth plans. All of the criteria that impact the efficacy of breeding units, in particular, were investigated, and appropriate solutions to the fur industry’s problems and weaknesses were assessed and presented. The expansion of the fur garment business in the towns of Western Macedonia generated the demand for fur farms. The study focuses on technological industry practises and conditions, as well as the production process and future development possibilities, through recommended solutions based on discoveries, literature, theoretical analyses, and statistical analysis primary sources from direct personal interactions, analyses, and primary sources.

The work’s general conclusion is that the fur business will continue to expand dynamically, as everything indicates, and that this development will significantly contribute to the improvement of the area’s population’ living conditions.

Author(S) Details

Semos Nikolaos
Department of Animal Production Science and Agriculture, AUTH, Greece.

Dotas Vasilios
Department of Agriculture, AUTH, Greece.

Bampidis Vasilios
International University of Greece, Greece.

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