Radical Urban Development in the Egyptian Desert: Sustainability Management and Economic Challenges

This paper argues the incident of Gardens’ City in the Egyptian situated or toward the west desert accompanying devote effort to something allure’ principal and technical zones as a resolution for incident needs and to overcome the coming challenges. Urban growth has unluckily experienced to incidental depravity private underdeveloped countries. Egypt, that is historically meaningful as a center of the productivity and organic difference, supplies a beneficial record of what happened cause it displays many of the determinants that represent the strains ‘tween city incident and preservation of natural resources plans. Due to brisk machine control and city incident, Egypt persists to aggressively misfortune allure residence and biodiversity from1950 to the that unavoidably leads to referring to practices or policies that do not negatively affect the environment questions and tiredness of timber. Gardens’ City is a new city in recently found extent in the Egyptian situated or toward the west desert, that is rich expected grown. It display or take public new Farafra Oasis. The section has various potential facets for tenable incident; it has land and technical business-related bases. The city hall’s region is devised expected about 5% of the city’s region. The extent of the area needing new industry is about 22% of city region. This paper refers to the happening of the city accompanying a devote effort to something the main and the modern zones. The city hall has the main administrative and monetary duties. The area needing new industry involves two together mechanical departments and main industrialized instruction, preparation, and administrative aids. Renewable energy will perform in a type of habits. This city will be the first in a sequence of progress convenience in Egypt.

Author(s) Details:

S. Abouelfadl,
Architectural Department, College of Engineering, Asyut University, Asyut, Egypt.

K. Ouda,
Department of Geology, College of Science, Asyut University, Asyut, Egypt.

A. Atia,
Architect, Asyut, Egypt.

N. Al-Amir,
Architect, Asyut, Egypt.

M. Ali,
Architect, Asyut, Egypt.

S. Mahmoud,
Architect, Asyut, Egypt.

H. Said,
Architect, Asyut, Egypt.

A. Ahmed,
Architect, Asyut, Egypt.

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Keywords: Gardens’ city, New Farafra, city centre, industrial area, Egyptian desert

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