Psychosocial Considerations on Victims of Traumatic Events: An Approach from the Experience in an Assistance Unit of the Peruvian Public Department

The current study looks at several key psychosocial aspects of victimological care for those who have been the victims of misdemeanours and crimes. As a result, 14 scenarios relating to supported cases at Peru’s Immediate Unit Assistance for Victims and Witnesses were chosen. Situations that have been investigated by combining various theoretical, epistemological, and methodological contributions in an extremely qualitative approach, with the goal of emphasising the importance of the social, professional, and community environment in a transdisciplinary context. The intervener’s values and prejudices are also taken into account, since he is confronted with a variety of situations that necessitate an examination of his talents and limitations in order to improve the quality of his interventions and contribution to the administration of justice.

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Alonso Manuel Paredes Paredes
Universidad Nacional de San Agustín, Perú.

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