Probiotics – Isolated from Yak Yoghurt in Qinghai Tibet Plateau of China

The most representative probiotics are lactic acid bacteria, which are typically used in fermented foods, medications, foods and beverages. Yak yoghurt is a kind of fermented milk produced in the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, China, by Tibetan herdsmen. In Yak yoghurt, there are abundant lactic acid bacteria. In this monograph, the anti-constipation, anti-colitis, anti-alcoholic anti-liver injury, anti-gastric injury, anti-aging and weight loss effects of Lactobacillus isolated from yak yoghurt were observed by the establishment of disease models in laboratory mice. The results of pathological observation, identification of serum indexes, mRNA and study of protein expression indicated that there were diverse biological activities of lactic acid bacteria isolated from yak yoghurt. It can be seen that yak yoghurt lactobacillus is a form of probiotic resource that requires more growth and use to be used.

Author(s) Details

Dr. Xin Zhao
Chongqing University of Education, China.

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