Present and Early Universe with Tachyon and Phantom Field


Recent astronomical evidence from supernova high redshift studies; COBE to WMAP suggests that the expansion of the universe is speeding. It is also thought that the universe may have previously gone through an inflationary period. With an equation of state p=, where =-1, inflation is permitted; nevertheless, under general relativity, such a state may be attained either with a scalar field or an imperfect fluid. The most effective hypothesis to date is based on the dynamics of a scalar field with an appropriate potential that drove inflation and described the evolution of the early cosmos. However, -1 can be used to express the current acceleration. According to the conventional model of particle physics, such an equation of state is not allowed with common materials. Thus, it is to be investigated whether the matter sector of Einstein’s equation may be modified with additional fields or even a new physics. If one takes into account exotic fields, one can reach this condition. Tachyon and phantom are examples of such strange fields. I address inflation in the early cosmos and the universe’s current speeding phase while taking into account tachyon and phantom field, with a particular emphasis on recent findings.

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Dilip Paul,
Department of Physics, Islampur College, Islampur, Uttar Dinajpur, West Bengal, India.

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Keywords: Inflationary universe, inflation, accelerating universe, tachyon field, phantom field

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