Presence of a New Space-Time in Which the Path S (Along the Motion Spiral) is a Constant: A Descriptive Study Approach


In this article, open accelerating longitudinal vortices are described in 3D. It establishes the existence of a unique space-time in which the route along the motion spiral is always the same (Sconst).

Every near vortex flows and spreads uniformly, according to Classic Field Theory (or theory of close vortices) [1]. According to the Theory of New Axioms and Laws, any open vortex in 2D and 3D is either accelerating or decelerating (or the theory of open vortices). The decelerating open vortex emits decelerating vortices into the environment, which convert to free vortices (according to Law5), and the accelerating open vortex sucks these free vortices in and accelerates faster and faster in each subsequent step by adding them to itself (according to Law6) [2,3].

When two speeding open vortices are near enough together, they will naturally draw each other in. The less accelerated vortex, the more accelerated vortex sucks. What makes this motion unique is that the quicker vortex has a smaller cross section that is perpendicular to the travelling direction. As a result, the quicker vortex pulls in the slower one by inserting or poking its way into it. As a result, these two open accelerating vortices resemble a funnel. When there are a large number of open accelerating vortices, it turns out that the fastest vortex is located in the funnel’s core.

The fastest vortex has the highest vortex acceleration, the smallest cross-sectional radius, the fewest sucked vortices, and the fewest loops with the smallest diameter. It comes out that if the route in the direction of movement of the vortex curve remains constant, the quickest vortex will be expanded (Sconst). As a result, the quickest vortex’s height will be at its maximum, and it will appear first in time T 1.

The funnel’s edge is home to the slowest vortex. The slowest vortex has the smallest vortex acceleration, the biggest cross-sectional radius, the greatest number of sucked vortices, and the greatest number of loops. The height of the vortex is minimal or the slowest vortex is maximum diminished if the route in the direction of movement is constant (Sconst). The slowest vortex will appear last in time Tn because the vortex has shrunk to its smallest size.

The open accelerating vortex will form sequentially from the centre in time T1 to the periphery in time Tn because the accelerating funnel is packed on the concept of a constant route in the direction of movement (Sconst). From the centre to the perimeter of the accelerating funnel, they will create the characteristic blade.

The sucking Gravity Funnel is demonstrated by the speeding funnel. The accelerating Gravity Funnel sucks in both directions: from the bottom to the top, following the movement of the vortices, and from the outside to the inside, perpendicular to the flow.


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V. Markova,
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria.

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