Polynomials of Degree Greater Than or Equal to FIVE are Solved by a Resolvable Finite Group


In this paper I present two methods to solve the polynomials of degree greater or equal to five in such a way that: 𝐺 𝑛 is 𝑆𝑛 with 𝑛 ≥ 5. The first method determines whether a polynomial of degree greater than or equal to five contains an elliptic curve (if this is not viewed directly). The second method will be used whenever the value of x defined by Enfer Diez’s equation is not the true value of the polynomial; this value tells us whether the value of x in the polynomial is greater or less. The congruence method is used to find the solution. It has been established that the polynomial’s solution is based on its coefficients.

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Andri Lopez
Institute polytecnicleon, Leon, Spain.

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