Policy for Reduction of Packet Loss with Gigabit SFP Module, San Switch and HBA Card: An Advanced Research

Three various single fad or multimode fiber cables are available: RC (Russia-Canada), LC (London-Canada), and SC (Singapore-Canada), all of that will be originated from the main light transmitted through fibers cable’s TJ box (texture joining box) and in general they maybe at most 3456 center. The RC, LC, or SC cable will conform to the Media converter and a UTP rope will be released from the Media converter and will conform to any traffic of a switch to activate the network channel for passing frequency range through the line. Now, our first concern is to humiliate packet deficit across the entire channel by utilizing a switch with Gigabit SFP (Small Form-Factor Pluggable) module a suggestion of correction using a news converter accompanying or without SFP module, and our second concern search out reduce bundle loss by utilizing SAN (Storage area network) switch with HBA (Host transport adapter) calendar to delivery in addition or equal100 MBPS bandwidth.

Author(s) Details:

Abdullah Yusuf Imam,
Ict Department, National University, Gazipur-1704, Bangladesh.

Prodip Kumar Biswa,
Ict Department, National University, Gazipur-1704, Bangladesh.

Sonjoy Kumar Nath,
Ict Department, National University, Gazipur-1704, Bangladesh.

Please see the link here: https://stm.bookpi.org/RPST-V8/article/view/10097

Keywords: SFP module, optical fiber, media converter, switch, packet loss, bandwidth

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