PID Gain Tuning for Robust Control of PMDC Motor with Tracking and Disturbance Rejection through H∞: A Recent Study

Permanent-magnet (PM) motors are employed in a wide range of industrial control applications due to their high efficiency, simple mechanism, and low cost. The plant model is either incorrectly built or the plant traits are subject to change over time in the majority of cases. Furthermore, most applications necessitate both good tracking and good disturbance rejection, which are two opposing goals. The controller must account for parameter changes as well as maintain steady performance in the face of external disruptions, necessitating a robust controller design approach. A traditional PID controller with minimal robustness constraints is supplemented with H optimization-based gain adjustment to meet the robustness requirements. In this study, the H optimization strategy is employed to create a PID controller. The inherent robustness of a PID controller to internal and external disturbances is insufficient. Different tracking and disturbance rejection performance targets are set, and PID gains are tweaked to fulfil the goals in H sense. A commercial Maxon RE35 motor was utilised for modelling and simulation.

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Prashanth Venkatareddy
Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology, Bangalore, India.

N. A. Prashanth
BMSIT and M, Bangalore, India.

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