Parametric Analysis and Photo Elastic Experiment of Stress Concentration Factor and Its Mitigation in Rectangular Plate with Opposite V- notches Subjected to In-Plane Loading

Various studies look at flat plates with sharp V-notches that are subjected to axial loads. There have been few attempts to reduce the stress concentration factor caused by V-notches. The current study uses an area reduction method to mitigate the stress distribution caused by a V notch under in-plane static loading in rectangular isotropic plates. For subtended angle, 2 of V notch 60,90,120, and 150, the changes of stress concentration factor (SCF) for varied b/A ratios, depth of V-notch to plate width are established. By inserting auxiliary semi circular notches surrounding the V-notch, the stress concentration factor (SCF) around the primary notch has been reduced. The impact of different geometric parameters on stress reduction is also investigated. A perfect size and placement of auxiliary semicircular notches has been found. Finite element analysis and the two-dimensional photo elasticity method were used in this study. The findings are shown graphically and discussed. The reduction in Stress Concentration Factor observed as a result of the placement of semicircular notches in the region is positive.

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Shubhrata Nagpal
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Bhilai Institute of Technology, Bhilai House, G. E. Road, Durg (C.G.), 491001, India.

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