Outcome Prediction in Elderly Trauma victims Based on Anatomical (ISS, NISS), Physiological (RTS) and Combined (TRISS) Trauma Scoring Systems


This study looks into the accuracy of the Injury Severity Score (ISS), New Injury Severity Score (NISS), Revised Trauma Score (RTS), and Trauma and Injury Severity Score (TRISS) in predicting mortality in geriatric trauma cases. The research was set up as a prospective observational study. Materials and Methods: A total of 200 elderly trauma patients were enrolled in this prospective observational study. Over the course of 18 months, he was admitted to a tertiary care hospital. Each patient’s information was gathered on The ISS, NISS, RTS, and TRISS are all calculated on the day of admission. Results: The patients’ average age was 66.35 years. The most common type of injury is a sprain. A traffic accident accounted for 94.0 percent of the total, with a 17.0 percent mortality rate. The accuracy of prediction of Using receiver operator analysis, the ISS, NISS, RTS, and TRISS for mortality prediction were evaluated. ROC curves are a type of characteristic curve. The most accurate cut-off points for predicting death in elderly trauma patients A score of 91.6 was obtained using the TRISS system (sensitivity 97 percent, specificity 88 percent, and area under the ROC curve). 0.972), and the NISS cut-off point was 17 (91 percent, 93 percent, 0.970); for the ISS, the optimum cut-off point was 17 (91 percent, 93 percent, 0.970). The point was 15 (91 percent, 89 percent, 0.963), while RTS was 7.108. (97 percent ,80 percent ,0.947). There were statistical findings. differences in the area under the ROC curve between ISS, NISS, RTS, and TRISS (p0.0001). Conclusion: The TRISS was the best predictor of success when compared to the ISS, NISS, and RTS. In geriatric trauma patients, mortality is high.

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Krishna Moorthy
Department of Emergency Medicine, Sri Devraj URS Medical College, Sri Devraj URS Academy of Higher Education and Research Center, Kolar, Karnataka-563101, India.

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