Out of Time – Predicting the Science of Future Centuries and Millennia (Edition 2)

The universe is boundless and eternal, according to this text, but it was scientifically constructed. This contradiction of generating eternity is contingent on future humanity’s superior electronics. Time travel, as well as programmes that employ “imaginary” time and infinite numbers like pi, will be developed by those humans. They’ll also take on the names El and Elohim (names used by various religions to mean God or the gods). “Many faiths teach that it is the purpose of mankind to become gods,” astronomer Carl Sagan stated in “Pale Blue Dot.” (Though Elohim’s unlimited talents are basically natural effects of progress, I believe they would be classified as supernatural today.)

If you look through the book, you’ll see that several ideas are repeated several times. This is because each article is written in such a way that it may be understood without having read the others… As a result, the same concepts appear in multiple places. I’ve tried to avoid using jargon or equations unless they’re absolutely required (I find that they often make a subject harder to understand, not easier). All objects and events on Earth, in space, and in time (including the inevitability of world peace and immortality) are simply strings of binary digits 1 and 0 in electronics.

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Rodney Bartlett
21 Lane St., Stanthorpe, Qld. 4380, Australia.

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