Optimization of Diabetes by Herbal Medicine

Plant-based medicines have been used for therapeutic purposes since ancient times. In many cultures around the world, medicinal plants and their products have been utilised to treat diabetes in traditional therapeutic systems. Because numerous plants and plant-derived substances have been used to treat diabetes, the plants could be a potential source of hypoglycemic medications. The primary modalities of diabetic treatment are a number of synthetic oral hypoglycemic medications. However, the medications’ well-known adverse effects are driving a growing number of patients to seek out alternative therapies with fewer or no side effects. Even Nevertheless, there is a scarcity of toxicological data on traditional antidiabetic herbs. The purpose of this study is to compile a list of plants with antidiabetic and related positive effects that come from all over the world, as well as Polyherbal preparations. Medicinal plants have been used to cure diabetes in traditional healing for a long time, according to history. According to scientific literature, such herbal plants offer hypoglycemic and other helpful characteristics. The usefulness of herbal plants and polyherbal formulations in the treatment of diabetes mellitus is highlighted in this book chapter. Because of their chemical contents, the actions of these plants may help to delay the onset of diabetes and associated complications.

Author (s) Details

Dr. Yasodha Krishna Janapati
School of Pharmacy & Health Sciences, United States International University – AFRICA, P.O. BOX 14634 – 00800 Nairobi, Kenya.

Dr. Sunil Junapudi
Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Geethanjali College of Pharmacy, Cheeryal, Keesara, Medchal Malkajgiri district, Telangana, 501301, India.

Dr. Sudharshan Reddy Dachani
Department of Pharmacy Practice& Pharmacology, College of Pharmacy, Al-Dawadmi Campus-17441, Shaqra University, P.O. Box 33, SHAQRA-11911, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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