Oil Yield Responses of Sunflower Plant in Indian Subcontinent


The current study emphasises the outside characteristics of sunflower oil production facilities in India. PUFAs are absent from sunflower oil. It is a widely accepted hypothesis. However, if people want to enhance their health, they must be able to afford to buy. Today, consumers choose to purchase sunflower oil at the store rather than mustard oil. due to the usual diet’s decreased lipid (unsaturated fatty acid and cholesterol) composition. Doctors advise against using mustard oil as a cooking medium for obese persons. Plants in good health flourish on acres of land. Large-scale farmers in India are already making money from sunflower fields. The oil used was sunflower oil rather than mustard oil. Cooking oil that is healthy is highly praised. Everyone is becoming more worried about human health as a result of media awareness (television and newspapers). Regular health exams are expected in MNC culture. People today are concerned about their health. You’ll note that sunflower oil now predominates over mustard oil even in wayside inns. Sunflower oil without PUFAs is commonly accepted in modern society. The health of older people (those over 60) is seriously at risk due to heart disease brought on by fat molecule buildup in arteries.

Author (s) Details

Manju Das
Department of Oceanography, Techno India University, India.

S. Zaman
Department of Oceanography, Techno India University, India.

S. K. Biswas
Department of Civil Engineering, Planning and Architecture, TIU, India.

A. Mitra
Department of Marine Science, (C.U), India.


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Keywords Р Helianthus annus, cholesterol, unsaturated fatty acid, obese

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