Nuclear Decay Rate Oscillations and a Gravity-Quantum Connection


This work builds a model to test the notion that the incompatibility of General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics is due to the various space-time geometries on which each theory is based. An abstract field is envisioned as a mechanism to integrate Quantum Mechanics with General Relativity by transforming coordinate variables in Euclidian geometry to coordinate variables in Riemann geometry. The model is used to explain an unexplained yearly rhythmic phenomena in the nuclear decay count rate, which is considered to be caused by unidentified solar radiation. According to this research, the effect is caused by gravitation, and if that is the case, the planets must play a role. Studying the yearly count rate change when the Sun is at its perihelion eliminates the Sun’s huge influence. The nuclear decay of 226Ra was measured over a period of 15 years in this study.

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Robert T. Longo
Ph.D. in Physics and a Technical Fellow Boeing Aircraft Company, USA. (Retired)

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