Novel Diagnostic Technique – Elastography


The goal of this review is to highlight this innovative imaging modality, as well as its mechanism of action, clinical applications, and advantages over traditional ultrasonography. Elastography, which is based on the principle of physical elasticity, entails applying pressure to the medium being studied and determining the resultant strain distribution by measuring tissue motion. The relationship between tissue elasticity and hardness and palpation is based on the basic idea that an object must have a change in consistency as compared to the surrounding tissues in order to be perceptible. For both ultrasound and MR imaging, elastography approaches have been developed. Due to its obvious source of mechanical contrast and tremendous diagnostic potential, elasticity imaging has gotten a lot of attention.

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Anu Vijayan
Al Azhar Dental College, Thodupuzha, Kerala, India.

M. L. Asha
SGR Dental College & Research Institute, Bangalore, India.

S. Naveen
PMNM Dental College & Hospital, Bagalkot, West Bengal, India.

Ingita Mukhejee
Department of Oral Medicine & Radiology, India.

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