Normal Electrochemical Deposition of NiFe Films : An Experimental Investigation


Galvanostatic electrodeposition in chloride solutions with pH 1.5–2.5 at 70°C was used to investigate the deposition behaviour of Fe-Ni alloys. The presence of hydroxide iron in the electrolyte generated anomalous codeposition. Hydroxide iron precipitates were removed using boric acid and filtration. The formation of iron ions, Fe3+, was hampered by hydrochloric acid. The chloride electrolyte maintains stability and inhibits the formation of abnormalities. Changes to the current technique have no noticeable impact on the film’s iron and nickel levels. The current value is chosen to modify the film’s content when the contents of iron and nickel change owing to additions in the electrolyte. FeNi is deposited in a consistent manner using the right electrolyte compositions and films. The pH buffer capacity of the solutions was clearly dependent on aberrant codeposition behaviour in Fe-Ni alloy deposition.

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Tikhonov Robert Dmitrievich
State Research Centre of Russia Scientific-Manufacturing Complex “Technological Centre”, Moscow, Russia.

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