News Update on Gender Studies Research: May – 2019

Gossip and gender differences: a content analysis approach
In this study, we have a tendency to try to appraise gender-based variations in gossipmongering habits, subjects and sentiments. so as to try to to therefore, a mixed strategies analysis approach comprising qualitative and quantitative analyses was utilized. Questionnaires were stuffed out by 2230 participants, associated an open question format was used, with participants imagining a situation within which they’re invited to explain to a follower, an individual they’d simply met. Our findings counsel that, quantitatively speaking, girls and men interact within the same quantity of gossipmongering activity. notwithstanding, gender-based variations are apparent within the subject of gossip. girls gossip a lot of regarding social relationships and physical look than men. it had been additionally found that women’s gossip is a lot of positive than men’s. chemical analysis of the information provides a a lot of advanced image. for instance, whereas girls gossip a lot of regarding physical look than men, their descriptions tend to be couched in positive terms, though they’re deployed to stress different salient negative traits. This analysis thus contributes to the refutation of gender-based stereotypes regarding gossipmongering. [1]

Human-Animal Studies

Some non-human animals seek contact with human society, but most animals are forced to participate in our society, as future meat, as future fur, as future leather; even as pets most of them are forced to live with us, although we call them friends, celebrate their birthday and treat them as family members. [2]

More Than Body Parts: Theorising Gender Within African Spaces

This paper queries the reduction of human expertise and identity to anatomical philosophical theory during which the class of ‘woman’ or ‘man’ becomes a universal idea. Through a review of literature on African gender, feminist and masculinity studies, it highlights however folks are quite their body elements. It notes however identities are formed by AN intersectionality of assorted factors like education, employment standing, class, age, strength, status, citizenship, race and quality. These factors are often abstraction and temporal manufacturing differing experiences of gendered lives. African students have designed up an expensive assortment of labor that repudiates the univerlisation of gender identities supported Western philosophical colleges of thought. This work explores intimately current and historical debates in African gender studies. [3]

Gender studies and interdisciplinarity

In this article we have a tendency to contemplate the instance of gender studies as associate degree knowledge domain field, and argue that gender studies, and women’s studies, from that gender studies developed, incorporates a distinctive engagement with interdisciplinarity. By brooding about the flight of women’s studies, feminist thinking and gender studies, we advise that this has forever been associate degree knowledge domain field of study. we have a tendency to trace each the shifts and continuities in thinking between totally different iterations of feminist thinking to contemplate the 3 core fields of: gender, sex and sexuality; intersectionality and activism; theory and strategies. The article aims to open up dialogue over what the constructive potentialities are of a spotlight upon gender, and what the link is between theory and policy. this text is revealed as a part of associate degree in progress assortment dedicated to knowledge domain analysis. [4]

Gender Differentials in Primary Sexual Abstinence among the Youth in Zambia

The main aim of this study was to look at factors poignant primary sexual  abstinence among the male and feminine youth in African nation. knowledge used during this study was derived from the 2013 African nation Demographic Health Survey. supplying multivariate analysis was wont to establish influencers of primary sexual abstinence by considering socio-economic variables. Among sturdy predictors known were age, religion, wealth standing, operating standing, reading newspapers, observation tv and drinking alcohol. supported the study’s findings, thirty five p.c of males and thirty one percent of females reportable practising primary sexual abstinence (PSA). the feminine youth from made backgrounds were one.8 times a lot of seemingly to report practising primary abstinence compared to those from poor backgrounds. The male youth aged between20-24 were five times a lot of seemingly to follow primary sexual abstinence compared to those aged between 15-19. Drinking alcohol was negatively related to the probability of practising primary  sexual abstinence. This study has incontestable  that socio-economic and demographic variables have a big influence on primary sexual abstinence among the youth. As such, interventions that obtain to fight HIV and teenage pregnancies through abstinence in African nation should take into thought these aspects whereas paying special attention to the role these factors play on gender. [5]


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