New X-ray Contrast Agents Based on Tantalates, Silicates, Germanates of REE and Gd2O3


Trial of mass and nanosized radiopaque difference specialists in light of strong arrangements of La1-xGdxTaO4, Sr2R8 (1-x-y) ErxYbyM6O26, (R=Y, La, M=Si, Ge), and Gd2O3 are introduced. The mass substances were combined from the comparing oxides in the strong stage. Nanoparticles were created in vacuum by the beat electron bar dissipation technique. The got nano-tests have K-bounces of X-beam radiation assimilation in the 10−100 keV locale of energies. This opens up possibilities for the utilization of nanoparticles as X-beam contrast specialists (radiopaque specialists). The gel suspensions in view of the mass strong arrangements La1-хGdхTaO4 (x = 0 – 0.18) consider constant and smooth change of radiopaque differentiation specialists, in this way extending the fields of their application. Gel substances in view of LaTaO4 and Gd2O3 NPs have a higher differentiation than mass substance.

Author(s) Details:

M. G. Zuev,
Institute of Solid State Chemistry, Ural Branch, Russia.

V. G. Ilves,
Institute of Electro physics, Ural Branch, Russia.

S. Yu. Sokovnin,
Institute of Electro physics, Ural Branch, Russia and Ural Federal University, Russia.

E. Yu. Zhuravleva,
Ural Federal University, Russia.

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Keywords: Bulk, nanosized radiopaque contrast agents, RE tantalates, siliсates, germinates, gadolinium oxide

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