New Direction for Autism Research: A Review

The goal of this research is to see if there is a need for a major shift in autism research strategy. Autism prevalence appears to have risen from 0.62 percent in 2012 to 1.85 percent in 2020 at first appearance. However, no rise in the prevalence of any of the other illnesses listed in the DSM-5 has been documented over the same 8-year period. This threefold surge in autism diagnoses corresponds to the development of the autism spectrum disorder (ASD) umbrella category in 2013, which now encompasses a wide range of confusingly comparable illnesses. As a result, it appears that 75% of persons labelled with ASD may not be autistic. If that’s the case, current research on the genetic causes and dangers of autism seems suspect. There’s no way of knowing if the links discovered by researchers are related to autism or to other illnesses.

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David Rowland

Independent Researcher, Canada

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