Nanotechnology, Nanodevice Drug Delivery System: An Overview

Nanotechnology is an auspicious area in the drug delivery system, with many possible applications of
nano device. “Nanotechnology” is emerging new technological development in the field of science and
technology. Nanomaterials are differing significantly from other materials due to their two major
principal factors: the increased surface area and quantum effects. These factors can enhance
properties such as reactivity, strength, electrical characteristics, and in vivo behavior. This article
seeks to outline the role of nanotechnology in different areas such as imaging, diagnosis and
management of diseases by an emerging nano device in the drug delivery system.

Author(s) Details

Mr. Yuvraj D. Dange
Annasaheb Dange College of D. Pharmacy, Ashta, Tal – Walwa, Sangli-416301, Maharashtra, India.

Mr. Sandip M. Honmane
Department of Pharmaceutics, Annasaheb Dange College of B. Pharmacy, Ashta, Tal – Walwa, Sangli-416 301, Maharashtra, India.

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