Nanomedicine Delivery System: A Recent Promise for Better Control of Asthma


The asthma is the most widely recognized ongoing incendiary sickness triggers from smoking, dust vermin, poisons, bothers, pet dander, dust, food-borne allergens, molds, exercise and others. This respiratory problem is overall ineffectively controlled utilizing allergen-explicit immunotherapy, chemotherapeutic specialists and glucocorticoids which generally show serious secondary effects in the patient’s body. Non-clinical medicines being utilized as correlative medicines incorporate needle therapy, breathing activities and others in the administration of asthma. This correspondence momentarily refreshes on the reforming modest nanotechnology that guarantees a beam of trust with extraordinary potential and possibility in treating and controlling asthma.

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Shanthala P.
Department of Food Technology, Kuvempu University, India.

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Keywords: Asthma, concerns, management, chemotherapeutic agents, control, nanomedicine

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