Nanocomposites – A Promising Tool in Safe and Effective Drug Delivery

Nanocomposites are highly unique and high performing materials, which have now become an
assuring area of research and development. The particle size in nanomaterials makes it more
practicable to be used conveniently in formulating novel drug delivery system and can also be used as
a novel carrier for delivering or targeting drugs. A solid material with one of the phases being one, two
or three dimensional structure with less than 100nm size is called as nanocomposite. Nanofillers are
used in the polymer matrix to improve the properties of nanocomposites. Such nanofillers help in
rendering the nanocomposites higher in weight and increased properties with respect to thermal,
mechanical, chemical, optical, magnetic, electrical properties, etc. leading to much advantageous
drug delivery compared to the basic composites. Recent researches in drug delivery using
nanocomposites is becoming a trend in targeted and site specific drug delivery where many scientific
data have been proved to have safe and effective drug delivery at a faster rate in comparison with
conventional dosage forms. Thus the current review deals with the study of nanocomposites in safe
and effective drug delivery.

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Dr. X. Fatima Grace
Department of Pharmaceutics, Faculty of Pharmacy, Sri Ramachandra Institute of Higher Education and Research (DU), Porur, Chennai – 600116, India.

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