Nano Liposome: Tools for Target Drug Delivery

Liposomes are spherical artificial vesicles that can be made from natural phospholipids and cholesterol in nanoscale. Liposomes are spherical Micro- or Nano-sized particles with an interior water pool and a bilaminar membrane around them. Phospholipid molecules, or a mixture of phospholipids with sterols, such as cholesterol, or with other surface-active substances, are the membrane’s building blocks. Liposomes are nanoscale spheroid vesicles with an aqueous core encased by one or more lipid bilayers. Thin-film hydration, reverse phase evaporation, and microfluidic mixing are all ways that can be used to make liposomes. Because of its interaction with corneocytes, the intracellular lipid, liposomal preparations diminish roughness, resulting in skin softening and smoothing. Liposome-based products are available for face and body care, make-up, mascara, and foundation, haircare, sunscreen products, and scents.

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Biswaranjan Ray
Department of Pharmacology, CPS, Puri, Odisha, India.

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