Monitoring Investor Behavioral Finance: Examining Its Applicability on Egyptian Investors

Behavioral finance takes its basic concepts from the theory of economics. In the field of financial markets, behavioural finance is a novel approach. It stems from the urgent need to overcome and resolve the unresolved challenges faced by conventional investors in today’s new financial environment. Thus, it is said that, through certain financial models, certain investors who do not have perfectly fair clarification of certain financial circumstances and problems will better understand these issues. Similarly, investors are considered to be unable to put their values up to date in the right way in a variety of behavioural finance models. In general, the essence of behavioural models has combined psychological beliefs with the neoclassical style of economic theory. Other models, however, indicate that in some situations, investors make dubious choices. This paper thus introduces behavioural finance, outlines the study’s context and priorities and objectives, and it The standards of behavioural finance are set out. Investors in Egypt will make use of the findings that suggest that anchoring suits their financial conduct. A duration of three consecutive days of past stock market results is regarded as a catalyst that changes the view of investors about market trends.

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Dr. Sharif M. Abu Karsh
Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences, Arab American University, Jenin, Palestine.

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