Modelling and Comparative Analysis of 5R Manipulator Using Evolutionary Algorithms

In this paper, the analysis and modeling of six joint axes of a robotic arm having three DOF spherical
arm and three DOF spherical wrist have been done to solve the kinematics and inverse kinematics.
Kinematics provides the rational explication of a robotic manipulator. Denavit-Hartenberg criterion has
been employed to solve the kinematics equations. MATLAB, Firefly Algorithm (FA), Artificial bee
colony (ABC) algorithm and Roboanalyzer have been implemented to find the inverse kinematics
solution, distance, absolute error and home position for six-DOF manipulator. Error can be optimized
to the desired level with the firefly algorithm.

Author (s) Details

K. Ashwani
Department of ECE, YCOE, Punjabi University Guru Kashi Campus, Talwandi Sabo, Bathinda, India.

Banga K. Vijay
Department of ECE, Amritsar College of Engineering & Technology, Amritsar, India.


Depatment of ME, Beant College of Engineering & Technology, Gurdaspur, India.

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