Milt Motility, Viability, and Abnormality of the Indonesian Java Barb, Barbonymus gonionotus (Bleeker, 1850) after Frozen

Barbonymus gonionotus, an Indonesian Java barb, is an indigenous fish of commercial importance. The goal of this study was to see how varying glycerol concentrations affected the milt quality of Barbonymus gonionotus after it was frozen. The concentrations of glycerol utilised in this investigation were 0%, 5%, 10%, 15%, and 20%, respectively. Hand stripping was used to gather sperm. Milt was frozen at -34oC for 24 hours after being equilibrated at 4oC for 10 minutes. Thawing was done at 45 degrees Celsius for 30-60 seconds. Fresh sperm volume, pH, and colour were measured. Before and after freezing, mild motility, viability, and abnormalities were assessed. According to the Dunnet test, 15 percent of glycerol had the highest (P>0.05) milt viability (68.69 5.95 percent), whereas 10 percent or 15 percent of glycerol had the highest (P>0.05) milt motility (88.36 4.77% and (85.45 10.98%), respectively. Mild abnormalities did not differ across treatment groups (P0.05). At -34°C for 24 hours, 15% glycerol was tended to the optimum concentration to retain sperm motility and viability.

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Abinawanto .
Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia.

Aisyah .
Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia.

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