Megakaryocytes Distribution and Their Presumable Role in Bone Homeostasis of Inflammatory Joint Disease

Major bone and cartilage loss is characterised by inflammatory joint diseases, leading to impairment and diminished quality of life. Any of these diseases have a systemic existence that contributes to situations that endanger life. As a variety of cell types are involved in them, the exact mechanisms that are involved in joint pathology are still not known. Increasing evidence suggests that megakaryocytes and platelets are important players in bone remodelling and joint inflammation, and in related systemic disorders such as thrombocytosis. The available data on megakaryopoiesis, megakaryocyte distribution and some aspects of their participation in inflammatory joint diseases are summarised here.

Author(s) Details

Lyudmila Belenska-Todorova
Faculty of Medicine, Sofia University St. “Kliment Ohridski”, Bulgaria.

Prof. Nina Ivanovska
Institute of Microbiology, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria.

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