Medicinal Importance of Capsaicin from Capsicum Peppers


Capsicum annum and Capsicum frutescens are the two most common Capsicum pepper species. Capsicum peppers, though widely used as culinary additions, have a number of therapeutic properties that might be utilised. Typically, the compounds are created for clinical use. Some of these features apply to capsicum peppers as well. They are powerful plants with a wide range of applications. Various methods for isolating the pungent agent, capsaicin, have been documented, with each experiment using a single species of both dried red (ripe) fruits and fresh green peppers as the source of the active principle. The IR analysis gives a straightforward and inexpensive approach of determining the compound’s structure. However, using this method alone to reveal the structure of compounds is insufficient; other instrumentation techniques must be used for the structure of the chemical to be fully elucidated.

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Ekwere, Mercy Robert
Department of Chemistry, School of Sciences, Cross River State College of Education, Akamkpa, Nigeria.

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