Maternal Health Indicators


Although difficulties during pregnancy and childbirth often result in a woman’s death, pregnancy and childbirth are thought to be a physiological process. To prevent a maternal fatality, these problems must be recognised, avoided, and properly handled. A maternal death cannot happen abruptly; in the majority of cases, it is preceded by a series of circumstances that, if not recognised in time and handled properly, can result in maternal death.

Depending on the facilities available and the calibre of obstetric care she receives, a woman’s lifelong risk of mortality varies. Since many years, the worldwide maternal health care has been reported and compared using the maternal mortality ratio (MMR). The aim for 2030 is for every nation to achieve a further reduction in MMR such that no country has an MMR of more than 140 per 100,000 live births. MMR has decreased by 38 percent from base line in 2017 due to improvements in healthcare systems. Criteria for severe maternal morbidity and maternal near miss have established in order to detect and manage the consequences effectively. Although they are interchangeable, there are some variations. Recent literature and research compare the global standard of treatment using morbidity indicators. The two key metrics that indicate maternal health and offer room for improvement are the maternal near-miss ratio and mortality index. The markers of severe maternal morbidity and maternal near-misses, as well as their usefulness, are covered in this chapter.

Preamble: Every expecting mother and would-be mother hopes to give birth to a healthy child, raise that kid to adulthood, and therefore contribute to the advancement of the country and the spread of the human species. In the process of childbearing and raising children, it is crucial to preserve the life of the mother since she is the family’s nucleus.

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Paapa Dasari,
Department of OBGY, JIPMER, Puducherry, India.

Sonal Garg,
Department of OBGY, JIPMER, Puducherry, India.

K. Keerthana,
Department of OBGY, JIPMER, Puducherry, India.

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Keywords: Pregnancy complications, severe maternal morbidity, maternal nearmiss, mortality index, maternal mortality ratio.

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