Life as Interplay of Information and Matter

By changing the alphabet and/or encoding, any sequence can be turned into an equivalent one. As a result, information should be described as the equivalence class among sequences with regard to such changes, an abstract entity, rather than a specific sequence. Its ‘information message,’ defined as the shortest binary sequence in this class, whose length quantitatively measures the information, can be used to describe it. Information connects the abstract and the concrete by requiring a physical medium to carry any sequence. Random symbol errors are caused by perturbations in the physical world, whereas information can command the assembly of physical objects by the computer. the task Because old sections of the genome are better preserved, genomic error-correcting codes are constructed up of nested component codes. This model takes into account core life characteristics such as the requirement for successive generations, the existence of discrete species with hierarchical taxonomy, and the evolution of complexity. Enzymes regulate gene transcription and translation into polypeptidic chains, which then fold into proteins. As a result, a feedback loop is formed, which is referred to as “semantic” since it implements the genetic code that explains the meaning of the genes. When the door is shut, As a result of its semantic specificity and redundancy, it has the power to remedy errors. As a result, stopping semantic feedback loops does not stop evolution: new structures can be added with better error resilience. Regeneration failure is uncommon, but it does result in a vastly altered genome, which can lead to the emergence of a new species if the phenotype it specifies survives Darwinian selection. It is offered a scenario for the origin of semantic feedback loops (and thus, possibly, life).

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Gerard Battail

E.N.S.T., Paris, France

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