Learners’ Competencies as Influenced by Related Variables in Alternative Learning System Accreditation and Equivalency Testing


The goal of this study was to figure out what factors influence learners’ abilities in the Alternative Learning System (ALS). Its specific goals were to determine: the socio-demographic characteristics of Accreditation and Equivalency (A and E) test takers; the socio-demographic characteristics of ALS Instructional Managers (IMs); the extent of use of the mode of A and E programme delivery by the IMs; the learners’ competencies in the A and E test based on overall results; the learners’ initial literacy level; and whether the learners’ A and E competency is significantly influenced by their socio-demographic characteristics. Four (4) instruments were used in the descriptive-correlational research design. A total of 1,824 ALS learners and 79 ALS Instructional Managers were counted as survey responses. Multiple regression and descriptive statistics were utilised as statistical methods. The study found that ALS Instructional Managers prefer face-to-face delivery, and that ALS learners lack the necessary competences in Sustainable Resource Use and Productivity. The initial literacy level’s combined contribution had no significant impact on the learners’ competency in the A and E test areas of Filipino Communication Skills, English Communication Skills, Mathematics and Science, Sustainable Use of Resources and Productivity, Expanding One’s World Views, Essay, and overall result. Furthermore, ALS students have not gained much competence throughout their official school attendance, and variables such as their socio-demographic characteristics, IMs’ socio-demographic characteristics, or their baseline reading level had no effect on their competency in the A and E exam areas.

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Roleen B. Moleño
Department of Education, Carmen National High School-Senior High School, Cotabato Division, Carmen, Cotabato, Philippines.

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