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Examining the Impact of Demographic Factors on Air Pollution

This study adds to the emerging literature examining empirically the link between population size, other demographic factors and pollution. We contribute by using more reliable estimation techniques and examine two air pollutants. By considering sulphur dioxide , we become the primary study to explicitly examine the impact of demographic factors on a pollutant aside from CO2 at the cross-national level. We also take under consideration the urbanization rate and therefore the average household size neglected by many prior cross-national econometric studies. For CO2 emissions we discover evidence that population increases are matched by proportional increases in emissions while a better urbanization rate and lower average household size increase emissions. [1]

Demographic Factors and Playing Variables in Online Computer Gaming

Despite the growing popularity of online game playing, there has been no primary survey of its players. Therefore, a web questionnaire survey was wont to examine basic demographic factors of online video game players who played the favored online game Everquest (i.e., gender, age, legal status , nationality, education level, occupation). The survey also examined playing frequency (i.e., amount of your time spent playing the sport a week), playing history (i.e., how long that they had been playing the sport , who they played the sport with, whether or not they had ever gender swapped their game character), the favourite and least favorite aspects of playing the sport , and what they sacrifice (if anything) to play the sport . Results showed that 81% of online game players were male, which the mean age of players was 27.9 years aged . for several players, the social aspects of the sport were the foremost important think about playing. [2]

The relationship between demographic factors and attitudes toward mental health services

Considerable effort has been exerted in recent years toward educating the general public concerning mental disease and therefore the efficacy of varied treatment modalities. Most previous studies of attitudes have focused solely on attitudes toward the unsound . during this study we investigated attitudes toward psychological state services and located that the majority people are positively disposed toward the utilization of those services. Attitudes toward the utilization of psychological state services were suffering from the age, sex, race, education, and income of the themes . generally , differences of attitude dwell the direction that might tend to inhibit utilization among those most in danger. [3]

Determinants of Childhood Anemia in India

We analyzed a sample of 112714 children from the 2015–2016 Indian National Fertility and Health Survey with available data on hemoglobin. Multinomial logistic regression models were wont to establish associations between parent anemia, household characteristics and nutritional intake of youngsters . rectilinear regression analysis was also conducted to ascertain the link between the household characteristic and childhood nutritional intake on one hand and hemoglobin levels on the opposite hand. variety of socio-demographic factors, namely maternal age, sort of residence and maternal education, also as wealth index, among others correlate with incidence of childhood anemia. [4]

Influence of Demographic Factors and Pay Satisfaction on Career Satisfaction among Selected Employees in Redeemer’s University

This study explores the influence of demographic factors and pay satisfaction and on career satisfaction among selected employees of Redeemer’s University, Osun State, Nigeria. The study adopted a cross sectional survey research design and straightforward sampling technique were wont to select 2 hundred and twelve (212) participants (M=97 males; F= 115 females) among both academic and non-academic staffs. The Biodata form, Pay Satisfaction Scale (PSS) and Career Satisfaction Scale (CSS) were wont to collect data which were further analyzed through independent t-test. The results hence revealed that there have been significant differences in career satisfaction of participants among the variables of legal status. [5]


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