Kimura’s Disease: A Rare Case Presentation of a Subcutaneous Breast Lesion in an Asian Woman

We present the case of a 54-year-old Asian woman who was referred to our hospital for a one-year history of subcutaneous right breast enlargement. There were no other systemic symptoms, and regular blood testing revealed a minor hypereosinophilia. Excision biopsy of the lesion was performed under local anaesthesia to rule out any neoplastic lesion and reach a specific diagnosis. Histopathological examination revealed lymphoid infiltrates with prominent reactive germinal centres, infiltration by eosinophils, and vascular proliferation, leading to a diagnosis of Kimura’s disease of the breast. The patient was put on symptomatic medication, and clinical follow-up confirmed that the swelling and disease had completely resolved. Because of its rarity, this case has been described, emphasising the importance of incorporating Kimura’s disease in the differential diagnosis of subcutaneous breast swellings. The physician will be better able to diagnose Kimura’s disease if they are familiar with its clinical appearance, course, and histology. Kimura’s sickness should require long-term monitoring.

Author (S) Details

J. B. Singh

Department of Pathology, SKIMS Medical College, Srinagar, Kashmir, India.

Afiya Shafi

Department of Pathology, SKIMS Medical College, Srinagar, Kashmir, India.

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